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Groom's Wedding Attire

Everyone says the groom just needs to show up, but he does have a little bit more to do, and you want to make certain that he looks good when he gets there. Make certain that he (and the other men in the wedding party) look great on the big day too!

Wedding Tuxedo Rental Basics

Not sure you want to shell out the bucks for your very own tux? Read on for wedding tuxedo renting tips.

by Elise Proulx, read the original article on The Knot

Unless you're exchanging vows on a beach in Kauai, your best khakis won't work as wedding day attire. Most likely you'll want to greet your bride in a slightly more formal getup. If you're a regular on the black-tie benefit scene, you may already be a tuxedo owner. But the question most grooms face is whether to rent or buy a tuxedo.

To Rent or to Buy?

Money is the main factor in your wedding formalwear decision. Renting will cost about 10 percent to 30 percent of the price of a new tuxedo; retail tuxedo prices begin in the $300 to $500 range but go way up from there. If you attend three or four formal events a year, buying a tux may be worthwhile. Look at it as an investment - you can wear it for years and it'll never go out of style. But if you're not the type of guy to hit the black-tie circuit, go for the tux rental. It's the easiest and most affordable option for you.

Rental Tips

Keep the following advice in mind when it comes to renting the groom's and groomsmen's wedding ensembles:

  • Choose a formalwear store that updates its tuxedo inventory regularly. If you see powder blue and ruffles, run.
  • A good formalwear dealer will know how to measure you properly (inseam, waist, jacket size) and give you a tuxedo fitting in advance of the wedding.
  • The sales associate should listen to you. If you're a fashionable guy and want a dark blue, slim-cut suit but he or she is talking up a silver tux with tails, you'll know you've come to the wrong shop. Politely say "thanks but no thanks" and look elsewhere.
  • Consider online rental services that'll ship the tux to your door. It's especially convenient when your wedding party is spread out across the country.
  • Make sure the store can supply you with all the tuxedo accessories you'll need: bow tie, cuff links, pocket square, even shoes. Just skip the cummerbund!
  • Finally, have all your groomsmen order their looks from the same place so you'll match perfectly. (The store may even extend you a discount as a result.) They should reserve their wedding tuxedos at least three months in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: Any recommendation regarding licensure, insurance or permit for a wedding professional is a general guideline for events nationwide and not specific to a particular state, county or city. Please verify with local agencies if you have any questions regarding a specific vendor's ability to work with you on your event.